We hope you are planning to join us this year for our annual District 9 Family Camp at Camp Au Sable. This is a tradition that has lasted for over sixty years and is always so much fun!


You will find the application forms below. Once the appropriate form is filled out, it should be returned with payment in full (cash or personal check only) to Randy or Regina Mack. Their contact information is on the application. They will begin accepting applications as of noon on July 19, 2020. Please note that only one family unit is to be included on each application. A family unit is parent(s) and dependent children who live in the same household. The last day to submit an application is August 23, 2020, by noon.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


Housing at Camp Au Sable is assigned on a first come/first serve basis. If you have a legitimate special needs request, we will give that priority. However, we suggest you turn in your application as soon as possible if you are making a special request. Your lodging assignment will be given to you when you arrive at Camp and check in. Check-in takes place between 5:30-6:30 on Friday evening in the lobby between the dining hall and the auditorium.

Activities begin on Friday at 2:00 and continue through Monday noon. It is a requirement of the Camp that a signed Waiver be submitted for everyone who will participate in any camp activity. Waivers are online but will also be available at Camp during check-in. If a minor child, who is not a member of your family, is staying with you at Camp, you will need their parent/guardian to sign a Waiver beforehand.

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